ESL Editing Service

Students who have English as second language (ESL) can avail the benefits of improving their written English language by working with the most reliable editing and proofreading service provider, Regent Editing. We are dedicated to providing first grade services to research scholars from divergent backgrounds speaking diverse languages. Our ESL editors are conversant with the local language as well, which enables them to communicate with students for understanding the requirements and explaining the suggestions.

Students are given personal attention to overcome the weakness of relatively low command over English. Our professionals possess master’s degrees and PhDs from leading UK and USA Universities. They experts scrutinize each project to correct the grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes that students might have overlooked, delete irrelevant idioms and phrases and amend unsuitable words with more appropriate ones. The most common mistakes that we find in the documents prepared by ESL students are:

  • Use of informal language or colloquial terms: Research writing demands strictly formal language and casual terms can spoil the report.
  • Unstructured sentences and paragraphs: Disjointed sentences and paragraphs without logical flow are common errors.
  • Inappropriate style: Since students are not familiar with the style of writing required at masters or PhD level, they end up writing in a flawed manner.
  • Grammatical errors: There are several mistakes in grammar related to verbs, tenses, number agreement and prepositions.
  • Spellings: Since students are not strong with spellings, they make a lot of mistakes. Most of these are not caught with mechanical tools.

At Regent Editing, you can be saved from all these errors. We do understand the significance of dissertation attached to the career of the students. We aim at providing ESL editing service in Switzerland to students in a manner that does not only improve their English writing skills but also helps them to get a command over academic writing.