Proofreading Service

Regent Editing provides proofreading service in Switzerland to students facing difficulties in bringing their dissertations up to the mark. Subsequent to completion of projects, editing and proofreading is a must as it improves the overall quality of your research paper. Regent Editing, with a team of professional proofreaders has benefited countless students who are in need of such guidance. Whether you are providing an abstract or thesis, our professionals are experienced in polishing the language and will carefully take care of any flaw in the project.

Proofreading takes the thesis a step ahead to a level of perfection and enhances the content. It curbs the chances of rejection as it focuses on correcting grammatical and spelling errors of the thesis. A professionally proofread document, with its scintillating presentation stands apart from the rest. While proofreading research papers, our proofreaders stress on few key areas:

  • Grammar mistakes: Correcting wrong tense, punctuation errors, wrong article usage, verbs, etc.
  • Typographic Errors: Eradicating wrongly typed words.
  • Spelling errors: Incorrect spelling mistakes degrade the level of thesis. Correction of wrong usage of homonym substitutions such as bear/beer, week/weak etc. is also a part of proofreading.
  • Citation Style: For every quotation or other text used from some source, we ensure that there is proper citation.
  • Formatting: A well aligned and formatted thesis written with appropriate font size and font style makes a positive impact on reviewers. Our team ensures that the margins are proper, headings and sub titles are provided correctly, capitalization and underlines are as per the format, etc.

Proofreading a document is essential to make a document free from all sorts of errors. Opt for our proofreading service in Switzerland or send us your documents at to get it proofread by experienced professionals.