There are a number of services that are offered by the expert team at Regent Editing for students in Switzerland. All these services are designed keeping in mind the standards that are followed in the colleges here. Here is a glimpse of the services that we offer for scholars at the master’s and PhD level:

  • Editing: The editors have been associated with leading colleges and publication houses and they have a thorough understanding of the mistakes that students commonly commit. They revise and improve all documents for ensuring high scores.
  • Proofreading: There are many factors related to formatting, presentation, citations and spellings that our proofreaders check and correct. They minutely go through all reports and make them flawless.
  • ESL Editing: This is a specialized service aimed at students who have English as the second language. There are several scholars in Switzerland, who have benefited from this service. This group includes native students, as well as scholars from other countries.
  • Developmental Editing: When one is preparing a manuscript, there are tons of complications, related to language, presentation and formatting. Our development editors assist authors at all steps.
  • Journal Paper Editing: The journal publication task gets a boost with our customized journal paper editing service. The editors have got several papers published in their name in reputed journals.
  • Formatting: The format has to be perfect if you wish to score high marks at the master’s or PhD level. This is because only a small percentage of students pass the course. We structure the report correctly and ensure that you are among the lucky few.
  • Translation: Since many students write their reports in their native language, they must hire the services of professional translators. Our team also has subject matter knowledge and hence translates the reports without harming their academic value.

To opt for any of our services, contact us at today.